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Ultrasonic Stethoscope Liquid Leak Detector Noise Diagnostic
  • Ultrasonic Stethoscope Liquid Leak Detector Noise Diagnostic

Ultrasonic Stethoscope Liquid Leak Detector Noise Diagnostic

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Modell: CT0018

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This tool is a very useful diagnostic test tool which can reduce downtime and maintenance related costs of the tested equipments. Through the detection of ultrasonic sound, this tool can be used to inspect and check such items as ignition systems, vacuum problems, air brake systems, bearings, gear trains, cam and tappet assemblies, internal combustion engine valving and piston blowby, gaseous piping and ducting, seals in refrigerated van bodies, air ducts, hydraulic systems, Freon leaks, and many other components.

This tool consists of an ultrasound receiver, a tone generator, an air probe, a contact probe and a headphone.

The receiver is sensitive only to ultrasonic energy in the frequency range of 36000 to 44000Hz. The energy is amplified by internal circuitry and converted to audible sounds (available through the headphone) and an intensity reading on the red LED display.

The tone generator is used with the ultrasound receiver to check for faulty seals in nonpressurized enclosures, such as automotive cabin windows/doors/roofs, etc.


1. Air/Vacuum Leaks

2. Gas and Liquid Turbulence

3. Electrical Discharge

4. Mechanical Wear

5. Sound Generation

Operating Principle

Moving parts, liquids and gases cause turbulence or friction.This turbulence or friction can then produces high frequency ultrasonic waves whose frequencies are normally higher than 20kHz and are far above the range of human hearing. The ultrasonic waves can travel in air and their intensity willattenuate rapidly as their propagation distance increases. Ultrasonic waves are highly directional, this directional aspect of ultrasonic waves allows one to isolate a suspect signature sound from other background noises and detect its exact location.

This Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool operates on the principle mentioned above, it uses advanced ultrasonic sensing technology and converts inaudible ultrasonic sound into an audible sound which bears a close likeness to the natural incoming sample; for example, a gas leak sounds like a " hiss " and a defective bearing sounds like a " clicking or chatter ". Since this tool is tuned to listen to the ultrasonic range, it is unaffected by everyday sounds such as wind, voices, and traffic.

This Ultrasonic Diagnostic Tool is easy to carry and operate, and its detection result is accurate and reliable. It is very useful in preventive maintenance, trouble shooting, quality control and diagnostics in the automotive, industrial, manufacturing and rocess industries.

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